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    What's keeping you from living the life you have imagined?

    For many clients, the answer has been fear, lack of confidence, lack of self love, & lack of direction.

    Whanadi Sobrevilla, the founder of the Affinity for Wellness, and Wellness Warriors Unite movements, serves to be a catalyst in the lives of men and women wanting to reclaim their best selves. Men and women who feel spent, uninspired, and ''over the hill''.

    Whanadi leads these individuals up mountains of self-discovery through NLP guided mindset coaching, and holistic life, & IIN health coaching.

    Past clients have rediscovered purpose, passion, and an affinity for wellness. They all in their unique expressions report a sense of reclaiming their power and responsibility for what they are creating in the world, and their ability to do so with grace, ease, and enjoyment.

    Your best self is waiting to be re-discovered!

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  • Whom to Contact

    • Mrs. Whanadi-Ann Sobrevilla
      Mindset Coach, NLP, IAHC
      Cell Phone: (305) 815-3126

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