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    Every person on the planet was born with a purpose, a mission in life, a universal plan. Some people are lucky and already know what they are born to do, others still have yet to discover it. The difficulty is that we are conditioned by society, our families, and our friends, to work at a job or career, solely in order to make money, in order to pay bills, in order to survive. So we end up ignoring our purpose, and do what we feel we ‘should’ do instead of what we long for. But, working every day in a job you don’t enjoy, that doesn’t bring you happiness, may instead be making you more stressed and far more depressed, and can eventually lead to lack of health and even disease. Instead, listen to that restlessness burning inside of you that says there’s more to life. It’s there for a reason! It is my life purpose to help you connect to your inner wisdom and find your life purpose; that which makes your heart soar.

    Felicity Doyle - Hayward CA

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    • Felicity Doyle
      Life Purpose Coach
      Phone: 707-332-2226

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