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    If you are someone who has been unsuccessfully struggling with health issues and wondering if you can ever recover from debilitating symptoms you may want to know more about the benefits of the Goiz Method of Biomagnetism.

    Magnets have been used for centuries to battle illnesses.
    An illness can occur when a pathogenic microbe invades parts of the body and alters the pH level to the microbe’s preferred concentration. This leads to a pathogenic alteration of the tissue and organs. The person becomes sick.
    The Biomagnetism Therapy uses pairs of magnets to help restore altered or unbalanced pH levels in the body to their natural state, thus removing the thriving grounds for pathogenic microbes which as a result die off or are so weakened that the immune system can finish them off easily.

    The Biomagnetism Therapy has shown great success to alleviate symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease, other chronic or acute infections, dysfunctions of organs or glands, etc

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