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    When I met the owners of Sweet Sunnah I was dealing with fibroid tumors. I had Eczema very bad, which is like having poison ivy 24 7. I had Asthma that I controled with an inhaler. I would not take pills, I too many side effects. I had fibroid tumors, my cycle was out of control. I had very heavy bleeding, that went off and came right back two weeks later. I read a book about Black Seed and decided to be a distributor. I started taking Black Seed Extra and the very next month. My cycle was back to normal not heavy or dark etc. My skin improved over time and I do not need Asthma meds as long as I eat correctly and take my Black Seed. I am now the wholesale distributor for Sweet Sunnah Herbal products in Michigan. I have offered these products to my customers since 2002. My mission is to help people maintain and recover their health one person at a time. The Black Seed and other products that I offer are Non GMO, natural and made in the USA.

    [Lorena Rashid, Detroit, MI]

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