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1240 N. Lakeview Avenue Suite 170
Anaheim, CA 92807
(310) 780-1393
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    Lu is a financial specialist, writer, and speaker. Educating and providing products that establish a foundation for you to not outlive your money.
    Blend2Day is my Speaking & Networking Brand.

    What I do for you as a Financial Specialist is show you that bucket that is overlooked by most retirement plans & offer what traditional "deferred plans" lack. The Up-Side Growth without The Downside losses.

    I work with business owners & individuals to protect their lifestyles through living benefits, offsetting future tax reduction and establishing plans that guarantee lifetime income.

    Because this is an area that most financial advisors are in the dark about I pride myself on educating everyone on how this simple addition will be life-changing for their businesses & families in an extremely profound way.

    It is never too late to start, makeup losses, or add to what you may have today.
    Plans for Ages 0 to 85

    - Luann Casillas – Greater Los Angeles - California - Arizona

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    • Lu Casillas
      Financial Specialist, Speaker, Financial Writer
      Phone: (714) 239-1100
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    My office is in Anaheim, Ca. however, I work remotely and am also available via phone, email, and video conference.

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