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Farmington Hills, MI 48336
(586) 243-2603
Tuesday , Thursday from 10 to 6
takes about 35 + min. first time.
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    Structure joint correction. Say nothing - no need. Using YES / NO system, putting body back to state of repair is focus. Using directly guided pressure points, correct joints in whole body, spine, fingers, toes, knees, jaw, shoulders, wrist calms body & generally feel better immediately. Balance chakra centers. Gives direct reading which organ needs attention first. Then follow order of operation body wants to fix first.
    Lymph systems are overwhelmed and is root problem in most. This on line, can end major pain throughout the body with correcting digestive disorder. Once general cleaning has begun, energy will be restored in incremental stages. Work is keeping body in a state of repair, increase energy, go on with life as usual. Virus, bacteria, yeast, allergies, parasites, negative attachments are the enemy & stop repair. Objective: win bug battle & maintain repair. Not a doctor. Negative Entity Bad Spirit Demonic night terror removal.

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    9 mile and Farmington road in farmington hills

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