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    Nothing Short of Magical: Inexpensive, Non-addictive and Easy to Use!

    We believe in the power of what we call energy medicine to impact and influence health and wellness. We teach, coach and offer workshops and individual sessions to help others. Our favorite tools are: Hemi-Sync, Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) and Reiki. But, this isn't all.

    Combine them all together and the results are nothing short of magical!

    Another favorite tool of ours is biofield imaging technology. With it, we are able to see how the experience of using sound and engaging in energy healing (whether giving or receiving) impacts us. Yep, we have fun!

    Allyn Evans, MBA, is a Usui Reiki Master & Energy Healer & Residential Trainer at The Monroe Institute. She has experience in Energy Medicine and its teaching!

    Brian Dailey, MD, FACEP, FACFE, has been a lifelong practitioner of energy medicine, and a 30+ year Usui Reiki Master. Brian is a guest trainer at The Monroe Institute.

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    Saturday Oct 13, 2018 - Friday Oct 19, 2018
    We teach you how to direct your energy field for healing purposes. We add sound technology and then we show you in real-time what is happening. It is magical! more
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