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201NE Park Plaza Dr. Suite 212
Vancouver, WA 98684-5871
(360) 885-0989
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    The clinic specializes in working with those who are seeking answers to health problems for which they have not found solutions & who are seeking to optimize their health & live well even into old age with a focus on Bio-Energetic modalities.

    This is accomplished through thorough & innovative health assessments; a wide variety of safe, effective natural therapeutic modalities & remedies; therapeutic lifestyle changes, & the education about the proper care & maintenance of the whole person – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. An individualized health optimization program is created for each person so that they can accomplish their health goals in order to build a strong foundation for prevention of disease & creation of optimal health.

    These programs are built upon the fundamental principles of Naturopathic Medicine: 1. First do no harm, 2. The healing power of nature 3. Identify & remove the underlying causes of disease, 4. Treat the whole person, 5. Doctor as Teacher.

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    • Dr. Maureen O'Connor
      Phone: (360) 885-0989

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