Nature's Centre for Healing & Light

  • Esoteric Modalities / Energy Work
  • Relaxation & Stress Relief
  • Health & Wellness
1014 Beverly Dr
Nanaimo, BC V9S 2S4
  • About

    At Nature's Centre for Healing & Light, we help people who 'just don't feel themselves anymore' all the way to those with serious ailments, who can't find relief through traditional methods. With energy healing we help them create vibrant wellness and health, and get their 'zing for life' back.

    At Nature's Centre we know that all life is made up of energy. Sometimes a person's energy may flow in the wrong direction or become stuck. As energy healers we work with many modalities, connecting with Source to channel healing energy to the client, clearing blockages and balancing Chakras.

    [Elizabeth Menard, Nanaimo, BC]

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