SlowBurn Personal Training Studios

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25 Watchung plaza
Montclair, NJ 07042
(973) 233-1013
5AM to 8PM M-F, 8AM to 4PM Sat and Sun
  • About

    Established in 1998.

    SlowBurn Personal Training studios is specifically designed for people who want to maximize their health in a safe and time efficient manner. It's for smart people just like you.

    Our instructors are all professionally certified. Every session is 1 on 1, giving you our complete, undivided attention. Our instructors are well versed in paleo nutrition and can help you lose fat and gain lean in a healthful way.

    Our focus in total body strengthening using Fred Hahn's world renowned SlowBurn method. The slow and precise movements on our specially retrofitted exercise machines build strength, endurance, flexibility, bone density and cardiovascular power all in the same workout!

    There's no need to shower after as we keep the studio cool and with fans moving the air. You can even wear your street clothes when you work out!

    You'll love the friendly, peaceful environment. And you'll love your new body!

    - Fredrick Hahn – Montclair – New Jersey

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