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    In my practice, I teach Alexander Technique, which is a body treatment modality recognized as one of the most effective ways to change habitual patterns of movement, posture and function that often lead to chronic pain and structural degeneration. It involves powerful tools that Alexander Technique provides for activities of daily living such as sitting, computer, phone usage, standing, walking, lifting, and climbing. Chronic pain conditions, headaches, eyestrain, wrist discomfort and a host of other body mechanic related injuries resulting from the demands of the work-place, are among some of the highest reported reasons for missing work.

    I can educate on how Alexander Technique and the body mechanics it teaches, can be used to improve the quality of basic daily living, improve posture, and reduce stress. I can be available for corporate talks at wellness lectures, ''lunch n learns'' and one-on-one sessions.

    - Gwynne Marshall - New York - New York

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