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    I built my business on principles of integrity & the healing power of the human body. I want you to know:
    > how the body really works
    > doctors are a part of that journey, not in charge of it
    > insurance companies offset total cost of injury, not dictate remedies
    > how to listen to the body by giving it what it needs

    Did you know your hair can REVEAL not only toxins in the body but your mineral imbalances? I eliminate chasing symptoms one at a time, and provide a holistic screening for a conclusive path to good health.

    Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA) is a comprehensive, painless, non-invasive hair biopsy that provides clues and trends of the body’s stress response. It’s so easy it can be done from anywhere.

    Author, Is Your Beauty Only Skin Deep? | Trained Nutritional Counselor in the healing arts of Nutritional Balancing & Hair Mineral Analysis | Certified in Personal Nutrition.

    Eva Vennari, NC - Los Angeles, CA

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    If you decide you want me to cut your hair for you, you can come and see me at my home office. Parking in the Palms area of Los Angeles can be challenging even with your parking angel, so call ahead.

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