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    Brenda Bailey has been an entrepreneur for 17 years. Over the last 19 years she has received over a dozen certifications:

    ThetaHealing Master
    ThetaHealing Teacher
    ThetaHealing Practitioner
    Dream Coach
    Spiritual Group Leader
    Halo Ascension Infusion Facilitator
    Quantum Energetic Disciplines Practitioner
    EFT Practitioner
    Shamanic Practitioner
    NLP Practitioner
    Silva Mind Method Practitioner

    In 2006, Brenda decided to dissolve her sales company and follow her heart. She teaches ThetaHealing, leads Theta groups, as well as offer individual sessions. In her evolution, Brenda combines Belief work, her vast business experience, and Dream Coach Certification to create her Dream Attainment Facilitation program. The 3 month program helps people create the business and lives of their dreams. The next progression of programs (available Spring 2013) : Breakthrough Protocols, Transformational Retreats, & Goal Setting Weekends.

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