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Virginia Biasizzo, NDTP
Specializing in Digestion & Immunology
Virtual Assessments By Appointment
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    White Willow Integrative Health focuses on raising awareness of the bio physics of health via the proven assembly of amino acids essential for perfected genetic expression and restorative mind/body vitality.

    White Willow Integrative Health is an instrument for you to learn how to restore Harmony to the entire energy system of your body by supporting your physiological, emotional and spiritual vitality and longevity.

    Virginia Biasizzo, NDTP is a pioneer in Frequency Therapies includingLow Level Laser Therapy, Scalar DNA Therapy, Ozone Therapy, and Laser Acupuncture. Virginia offers consults and trainings to individuals and groups, in person and virtually.

    Virginia BiasizzoVirginia Biasizzo, NDTP (Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner) specializes in digestion and immunology, is a 5 elements trained acupuncturist and frequency medicine specialist for more than thirty years. Virginia has dedicated her life to integrating Eastern and Western modalitys to enhance vital longevity.

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    • Virginia Biasizzo
      Integrative Health Specialist
      Phone: 617-990-6979

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